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June 22, 2024
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Pension Reform
Posted On: May 137, 2011

Important Message from President Devaney on Pension Reform and SB 512 



Brothers and Sisters:

We are days away from a possible vote on pension legislation that would drastically reduce the pension benefits of most public employees and significantly increase the employee contributions of others.  Although we have been successful in keeping our members out of the bill so far, we are confident there will be similar legislation introduced for firefighters if they are successful with this effort. Again, Article 4 (Downstate Firefighter Pension) and Article 7 (IMRF) are not included in the most recent draft of this legislation, despite attempts by some to include us.

Senate Bill 512 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Personnel and Pensions Committee on Wednesday, May 18 at 2 p.m. The bill hasn't been amended yet, so the specific language is not available at this time. If it passes out of committee it could be voted on by the full House as early as Thursday.

If this legislation passes it will likely offer state employees three choices for participation in the plans going forward (all benefits earned to date would be unaffected):

Option 1: Stay in the current tier 1 plan but pay significantly higher contribution, or

Option 2: Go into a tier 2 plan for new hires that puts retirement age at 67, lowers benefits and decimates annual Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLA), or 

Option 3: Go into a 401k defined contribution plan that freezes current pension credits and relies on the volatile stock market.

It is imperative that you personally contact the legislators in your district as soon as possible. We need every member to participate and to encourage their friends and family to contact lawmakers as well.  Please call 888-412-6570 to be immediately connected to your lawmakers by phone or go online to “click to call.”

When you call your legislator please tell them:

“Please vote NO on SB 512 or any legislation that reduces benefits or increases contributions for public employees in Illinois”

We encourage you to also:


Email your legislators using a pre-written message. Enter your information under the “Sign Up Today” option at the We Are One Illinois website and it will bring you right to your specific legislators.

Sign up for text alerts at

Follow the AFFI WebsiteFacebook and Twitter pages to receive the latest information

In addition, "We Are One Illinois" TV ads are still running and our labor coalition partners will be similarly responding.

While we believe this is a winnable fight, we need as many of our members, our friends, our family members, our neighbors and our FB friends to contact their lawmakers to urge them to vote "NO" on SB 512, the pension benefit reduction legislation.

Our member’s life savings are on the line and we do not have time to waste.

If you have questions, please click here to email the AFFI Office.  Thank you for your continued support and rapid response. 


IAFF Local 4727
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