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What is Brotherhood?
Jul 15, 2024

What is Brotherhood? I believe to be a Brother one has to have certain traits. Loyalty. A Brother is loyal to his fellow firefighters. He does the right thing all the time. He is loyal to his company and his officers.

A Brother has courage. Not the "I fight what you fear" courage. The courage to do the right thing all the time. Even if it is the unpopular choice to be done. He has the courage to step up and say "Hey this is wrong/unsafe/unfair". He has the courage to step in and stop dangerous pranks being pulled.

A Brother will sacrifice. He will be the one to work for that young kid who's wife just went into labor and needs someone to come in and relieve him. He is the young kid who is single, and decides to work Christmas for the senior man so he can be with his family. He is the one who will be the first to get in the bathroom or kitchen, knowing it needs to get done.

A Brother is understanding. He knows that not every decision, trade, detail, leave, etc will be approved. He is the one that understands the need of the company/dept. come before his sometimes. He doesn't mope around for three shifts complaining about getting boned.

A Brother is supporting. He is there and ready to help another firefighter move. He is the one who listens when we are having a bad day and just need to vent. He doesn't judge us, doesn't offer advice or say what he would have done. He just listens.

A Brother does something to better the job. He does things to try and improve his company or his department. He takes that sometimes dreaded assignment to training and comes out of the field. He tries to learn his job and he tries to learn the history of the job.

A Brother takes the time to mentor the young probies or newer guys in the house. He doesn't just give them the crap assignments or make them do the crap work because he is senior. He answers their questions or helps them find the answers. He doesn't laugh at them or ridicule them when they don't know an answer.

A brother is not someone who lies.
A brother is not someone who endangers his fellow firefighters through unsafe actions.
A brother is not someone who pits people against each other in the firehouse by spreading rumors or ridiculing.
A brother is not a bully.
A brother is not the person always on the couch with the remote in his hand who only gets up for boxes and meals.
A brother is not someone who turns their back on a fellow firefighter in need.

And most importantly, a brother is not someone who turns their back on the injured or deceased firefighters family.

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